Hi, I am Alex,

Photographer, Artist, Mama & Wife.

I'm a dog person, I prefer sunset over sunrise; Summer over fall and sweet over salty. I like to be over-prepared and I make lists for everything. I love colour, I hate arugula, I'm messy --but that's because I'm creative (right?). I've always got my hands messy, covered in paint from my creative projects.

My journey began as a photographer at a very young age, my dad purchased a digital camera when I was in grade school, I brought it with me everywhere. Now, I get to capture real love, real laugher and real emotion. Every photoshoot is like I am photographing my best friend; comfortable, natural and sincere. My Photographic Style is romantic, timeless and creative. It's a mixture of those fine art photographs that you will frame and put on the wall, and candid in-between moments. The moments where genuine laughter happens in between the poses, yes, those are my favorites! I might ask you to do something completely ridiculous and out of your element but the emotion it creates is genuine.

At home, I've got a little one that keeps me busy, but he's also the reason I pick up my camera on a regular basis. Everyday is a new adventure with him, always learning, growing and exploring. Because of him, I keep my camera within reach, because sometimes the most simple moments can be so beautiful, imperfections and all.