What to Wear Guide

I know, I know… choosing outfits for your photoshoot is the hardest part. But never fear…Alex is HERE! I have written this guide to help you find your perfect photoshoot outfits, but I am always available for consult and on occasion I have even scheduled a professional shopper for the couple. So don’t worry… we will find something for you to wear.

What I typically tell my clients is just to go to the store, and find something you LIKE, never mind the color or anything at this point because shopping in Windsor is HARD. I want you to show your style, so pick out something you like and you feel comfortable in.

We Love:

·      Bold pops of color – shoes, necklace, lipstick

·      Layering- jackets, accessories

·      Textured Fabrics- knits and lace

·      Accessories Galore! Hats, necklaces, earrings, shoes

·      Your Style! Whatever your style icon is, embrace it!

But… there are some very serious DON’TS:

·      Do not wear something “boxy” that just hangs off your body. Instead, try something that fits your body shape. Something that hugs you at your smallest point and then flares out will show off your curves.

·      Do not wear something too sexy, (unless that’s what your going for of course). Photos are timeless; you want them to last a lifetime.

·      Don’t forget to consider your location when picking your outfit. Jeans aren’t suitable for a fancy establishment. Also, don’t forget the weather, if it’s cold outside, bundle up!

·      Do not forget to dress yourself from head to toe! That means hair, makeup, eyebrows, nails (especially for engagement sessions), accessories, outfit and shoes all need to coordinate. There will never be a time to wear running shoes to your photo-session.

·      Do not wear logo’s or graphics if it isn’t a promotional shoot, “GAP” across your chest would just be a distraction.

·      Don’t forget to layer! Layering not only tones down prints, but it also gives you more variety in your photographs. Layer sweaters, jackets and other accessories to create the perfect look. We can always remove layers if it is too much at once.

Now, for engagement sessions, we can draw inspiration from your outfit, to create your partner’s look.
Choose an inspiration piece from your outfit; something with colorful pattern makes it easy. Pick one of the colors within that pattern for a shirt, and a complimentary color for the pants, it’s as easy as that! This idea can be repeated for family and other group photos, playing with color combinations, patterns and textures give the best overall look.  The number one rule is we want you to coordinate, Not Match! White shirts and jeans are so gone.

Try these combinations:

For Her:

·      Detailed top + simple bottom (pants, skirts)

·      Solid top+ printed bottom (pants, skirts)

·      Dress (details, printed, solid)

Optional Outerwear: Cardigan, Coat, Blazer, Shawl

Accessories: Jewelry, Belt, Scarf, Hairpiece, Hat, Tights

For Him:

·      Dress Shirt (long/short sleeves, solid/printed) + bottom (pants, shorts)

·      Henley, Polo or Nice T-Shirt + Bottom (pants, shorts)

·      Sweater + Pants

·      Suit Set

Optional Outerwear: Blazer, Cardigan, Jacket, Coat, Vest

Details: Tie, Bowtie, Suspenders, Hat


Now, if your regular stores don’t have something that tickles your fancy, try one of these:

·      H&M- they are great at helping dress you

·      Old Navy -especially for family photos

·      Aeropostale- has unique looks

·      Winners- find something different than what’s at the mall

·      American Eagle

·      Maurices

·      Forever 21

·      Garage

·      Suzy Shier

·      Dynamite

·      Windsor’s (in the states but you can order online)

·      Call it Spring- Good for little accessories and Shoes

·      Globo- Accessories and Shoes

If you need some outfit inspiration you can always go to my pin board, I am always updating it.

And if you are still struggling after all of this info, and feeling a bit overwhelmed; just send me a message! I am happy to help!