Hi Again!

Most days you can find me curled up on my dangerously comfortable couch with my other half and our fur-baby, binge watching our current TV series. I'm a watercolor artist, photographer and photoshop wizard. I am always using my creative mind and various artistic skills to help out others; currently, I am designing wedding invitations and other stationery, helping plan my best friends dream wedding and snuggling little humans at the daycare where I also work (eek!). I am a floral obsessed,  ice cream freak and you will probably catch me at a red light, belting out 90's throwback jams in the car.

My journey began as a photographer at a very young age, my dad purchased a digital camera when I was in grade school, I brought it with me everywhere. I took photos of my friends at school, and also took family photos of my barbies to hang on the wall of my doll house (he he). My first photoshoot was of my younger cousin, in a dress that I had sewn her by hand, I can’t say that it was the prettiest but my cousin was cute as a button so it didn’t matter much.

I always had a camera in my hand at family gatherings, and then for my grade 12 graduation, my dad gave me my first DSLR camera. When I get a new toy, I basically spend days playing with it, getting to know what all the buttons mean/do and watching tutorials. Not long after that, I got my first photo-gig photographing a first birthday and everything grew from there! Now, I am working full time as a photographer, with a home studio capturing weddings, engagements, boudoir and personal branding portraits and I have an intern! I spent years developing my skill and my style, and I am still learning and experimenting with new things to this day!

My Photographic Style is romantic, timeless and creative. It's a mixture of those posed pictures your parents will want hanging in their living room but I also love capturing the connection found in the candid in between moments. You know, the moments where genuine laughter happens in between the poses, yes, those are my favorites! My goal: to document your love story so you can share it to the world now, and in generations to come, in a beautiful way.


Chapter Two 2017

After many many many months searching, we are officially HOME OWNERS! We have been living here for a few months now and to this day I still pull in the driveway, look at my home and say..."this is ours". The house buying process was an absolute nightmare, but somehow through all the hoops and loops we had to jump through, and every bump we hit; Ryan and I kept pushing each other to keep going. Our 10 day closing date was a marathon for us but we came out of it stronger. Now we dance barefoot in the kitchen and hold each other closely on the couch, our house is full of laughter and love and I wouldn't have it any other way. All of these home projects get me excited and Ryan tells me all the time "Later honey... we don't have to do it all right now" but one thing that we are currently working on is my STUDIO! (YAY YAY YAY!) My office is all put together, and nicely organized thanks to IKEA (assembling all of the furniture was the second test of our relationship but we passed with flying colors!) . I can't wait to have all of my wonderful clients over to visit my studio so I can share what I have been working on with you!

Fast Forward to January 2018


The Alexandria Boudoir Studio is officially open and I could not be more pleased! When I open my beautiful teal blue studio doors, I see a room with endless possibilities that I can create whenever I want, and that is every creative persons dream! My calendar is already filling up with beautiful women, and I am currently booking into JULY! (wow!). I have dropped my full time job down to a part time job because photography is my passion, and my dream. I now offer Boudoir, Bridal Boudoir and Couples Boudoir sessions, and I have also had quite a bit of interest in Maternity Boudoir too!  Next on my list, more time on social media, more creative shoots and getting myself published! Let's see where the next six months take us! 

Chapter One 2015-2016

We live in a small, one bedroom apartment downtown Windsor, which was a big change for both of us coming from small towns. We moved into this apartment when we were in a tight spot and we had no couch, no dining table, no TV... it was just us and the beautiful hardwood floors that came with our place. On the day we got our keys, we sat in the middle of an empty room and had a pizza picnic on the floor told each other we are going to look back on this place and say "remember when...?". So we took this photo, and it reminds me everyday that all of our hard work is paying off. Now our apartment is comfortable, welcoming and a little cluttered, but it is ours and we love it.... for now. Most days the 10 minutes it takes to get hot water in the shower and carrying groceries up three flights of stairs makes us crazy; but we have been saving for a house, (which will have a studio and an office) and at this point we just work, work, work.  Lucky for me one of my "jobs" isn't a chore at all... its my passion. I am so thankful for every chapter in my life, these things make us who we are and one day when I am sitting in my beautiful home studio I will look back at this photo and smile because this is where it all began.