What is your preferred style of photography?

 My photographic style is artistic, whimsical, light & airy. I prefer natural light but some creative lighting is always fun too!


How can I prepare for my photo-shoot?

Honestly? Practice your posing in the mirror; Smiling with teeth, Straight model face, smiling with your eyes, seductive eyes etc. Other than that, just relax I am going to coax you into the most flattering poses and prompt you with actions that you already do naturally to ensure that I capture you and not some boring and stiff portraits. Also, feel free to bring any props you would like! Props help you loosen up in front of the camera, and it also shows what is truly important to you. Bring your dog, or your favourite over-sized hat, maybe even a peach if you are feeling "peachy" (ha ha ha!).

What do I wear?

Picking out outfits is always the hardest part. The best thing you can do is show your personality! Make sure your outfit coordinates with your location, (i.e. Don't wear a ball-gown to a baseball field). Don't be afraid of pattern and colour, mix patterns (and for heavens sake do not have everyone wear white T-shirts and blue Jeans). Layer up with accessories of all sorts, bring in new textures, colours, patterns, and simple accessories like a new pair of shoes, a hat or a scarf can transform your look. I highly suggest reading my what to wear guide for more directionYou can check out my Pinterest board if you need some inspiration, and if you are really struggling I am always available to do an online consult ahead of time.

Will you use my images for advertising? 

Yes, most of my photos I will use for advertising, but boudoir photos are an exception. It is all outlined in my print release form which I have you sign before every photo shoot.

Do you re-touch Photos?

I do retouch skin, teeth, eyes and small "interferences" (like a crazy fly away hair) But I am sorry, I will not shrink your waist or give you a Photoshop face lift. I am a photographer, not a plastic surgeon and my goal is to capture the real, and very beautiful you. 

Do you limit the amount of photos we receive? 

For a wedding? I do not limit photos, however; I am not going to give you the 4000 pictures that my second shooter and I took on the day of your wedding. All of my photos go through a very detailed screening process, and whichever ones make it through, are yours. For other Photo sessions, I offer prints a la carte (to suit your budget) and also print packages. I will cull, and edit your images, and then when they are ready, you come over to my studio and pick the photographs you wish to print! All of my prints come with the corresponding digital file, but I do not sell digital files separately.

How long will it take to get our edited photos back?

In prime photography season, for a photo-shoot 1-3 weeks. For wedding photography its 2-6 months.

Do you watermark our images?

No, I do not watermark the images that I give to you. I only watermark my images online for marketing and security purposes. 

What if it rains?

I know you are super anxious about your photo-shoot, but TRUST me, don't even bother looking at the weather a week in advance. I look at the weather the morning of your photo shoot (Since the weather man is always wrong) and I will contact you if I am concerned about it, and then we can reschedule. But typically, clouds provide perfect lighting for photos so even if its a bit cloudy, I might risk it!  If If it rains on your wedding day we can either take your pictures at an indoor location that you have arranged (just in case) or we can embrace the rain and get some creative rainy day photos!

Can I give you a list of certain shots I would like?

Yes, you can... but I don't like to capture the exact same photo, I would much rather take my own creative approach to the idea. On your wedding day however, I list of all of your family photo groupings is a must!

Do you have back up equipment? 

Yes! and backup photographers too!

What inspires you?

YOU, the little things, love and the sun. 

What is your booking process? 

It is best to contact me about 1 month in advance during prime-time photography season for a photo-shoot. This gives us enough time to get to know each other, and come up with unique details that reflect your personality. While, I can be quite flexible... the sun is not, Summer photo-shoots are best booked around 6:30 pm (unless we are going for some creative lighting). For weddings, it's best to book  with me as soon as you have a wedding date and a venue picked out! Once you have paid your deposit and signed your wedding contract that date is all yours