What is Boudoir?

Boudoir Photography is so much more than  "sexy photos for your lover" , a Boudoir session is a once in a lifetime experience! Boudoir sessions allow you to see yourself as beautiful, which can be so easily forgotten. Sexy isn't showing skin, it's being confident wearing whatever you choose, knowing yourself and accepting yourself. I have photographed women from many age groups and body shapes and found beauty in every single one of them; It is my sole intention to show you the beauty that I see in you.
My oudoir style is tastefully sexy. I take pride in the fact that my clients are comfortable showing their moms and daughters their photographs because its empowering, inspirational and simply beautiful. 

We love our Bodies!

If you are a little un-easy and feel like it might take you some time to be comfortable with the idea, feel free to join the booty baby community on Facebook. We are a group of fabulous women who support and encourage others to love their bodies! As a Booty Babe you can learn more about the experience from other clients, ask questions and partner up on session dates to save 10%!