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Making a Wedding Day Timeline


Making a Wedding Day Timeline

I can make wedding timelines in my sleep, but asking someone who has never been married before to make a timeline of how they HOPE everything will play out is just cruel. So even though I am here to make a wedding timeline FOR you, here is a guide to help you get started with your wedding day, and a PDF below that has all the info someone could need about your wedding day!


Ask Yourself

How many hours does your photography package cover? what do you want photographed?

What time is sunset?

How long will hair and makeup take for the number of girls getting ready?

How long is your ceremony?

How much of your family do you want included in your family photos?

Are you doing a First Look?

Are you doing First Dances and/or Parent Dances?

Are you going to toss your bouquet? cut the cake? shoe game? garter toss?


Wedding Day Timeline

Now, not every wedding is going to follow this timeline. If you are doing a First look the order of events will need to be rearranged. Every wedding is different! The good news is, a good wedding photographer will sit with you and work out all these little details ( Like I do! ;) ) but if you want to get a head start, here is a guide to help you along the way!

Time Guide lines start with the ceremony time and work backwards from there. Add and Subtract the number of minutes/hours to give you a start and end time for your wedding day!

*Bride & Maid of Honour and Mother of the Bride are Priority when getting Hair and Makeup done. Make sure their beauty services are scheduled to be finished well before the photographer arrives.

11:30 Photographer Arrives - 1.5-2.5 hours before departure time

-30 minutes for detail photos- flowers, jewellery, shoes etc

-45 minutes to put the wedding gown and attire on and take photos

-20 minutes for photos with parents, bridesmaids, etc

1:30 Depart for Ceremony- Travel time - 15 extra minutes for wiggle room

2:00-2:30 Ceremony Time + Ceremony Duration (+30 minutes)

2:30-3:00- Family Photos + 30 minutes

3:00-5:00- Wedding Party/ Bride and Groom Formals on Location(s) + Travel Time TO and FROM locations

5:15 - Entrance , First Dances, Welcome Speech/Grace +45 minutes

6:00- Dinner is served + 2 hours at least (not including dessert or extra courses)

8:00- More dances, Games/Traditions +1 hour

9:00- End of the night Photo / Photographers conclude Services


Keep everyone on the same page by downloading the PDF below. Includes: Day of Timeline, Bridal Party Lists, Contact information for Vendors and Emergency Contacts I hope this is enough to get you started! If you need some help, or are too stressed to function, don't worry I've got you covered! Just send me an email at and we will get this all settled!




Victoria & Jordan's Beauty and the Beast Themed Wedding


You want to see more from the Beauty and the Beast Wedding? Be my guest! You may recall Victoria and Jordan's engagement photos, which were also inspired by Beauty and the Beast and let me tell ya; its a theme I am inspired by and really had a lot of fun with, So naturally; when their wedding rolled around I was ecstatic! 

A rich, vintage rendition of the Beauty and the Beast love story, was perfectly reflected in their decor. Each detail of their wedding day alluded to classic Disney tale and it was even more beautiful then you could ever imagine. Ruby red roses, vintage tea cups and tea pots and candelabras were dispersed to transform Beach Grove Golf Course into an Enchanted Castle. Every detail from the wording of the ceremony, to the magical music that played during dinner (by the very talented vocal enchantress, Josh Johnson) was thought out carefully. One of my favorite details was that they revamped the traditional bridesmaid bouquet and opted to go for a Lumiere, cogs worth, Mrs Potts and Chip inspired arrangement instead. 

Here are a few of the beautiful details from their wedding day! 


Location- Beach Grove Golf and Country

Photographer- Alexandria Photography

Singers- Josh Johnson and Walter

DJ- Chris from sounds Plus

Makeup- Carrie Stobbs

Hair- Stella from Four Seasons Salon

Invitations and Seating Chart- D'Angelos Design

Videographer- Nikko

Cake- Cake Creations

Decorations- Anna Rita (a family friend)



Jacqueline & Thomas's Wedding


Jacqueline & Thomas's Wedding

Jacqueline & Thomas's wedding day is one I have been anticipating since it was booked, since they were a long distance couple we had a few Skype meetings, but we had never met in person until their wedding day. We were talking about her wedding at Mastronardi Estate winery, blush tones, handmade bouquets and I was getting giddy with excitement about golden hour sunlight in those beautiful vineyards... well what do you rained; but that didn't stop these love birds. Thomas and Jacqueline were both ready for anything, and as a photographer there is nothing we could want more. It may have been sprinkling a bit, there were dark clouds lingering around but the love between these two can light up any dreary scene... 

THANK YOU to Jacqueline and Thomas and your amazing wedding party for toughing out the rain and getting sand between your toes, when you see these photos you will see it was all worth it. 

P.S Sorry- Not Sorry, this "sneak peek" is more along the lines of a full wedding post because me and my bottle of wine got a little carried away last night. 

Photographer - Alexandria Photography

Second Shooter- Calum Noade

Wedding Venue- Mastronardi Estate Winery, Kingsville

Floral Bouquet's- Created by the Bride


Jordynn & Jason Wedding- Fogolar Furlan- Windsor Ontario


Jordynn & Jason Wedding- Fogolar Furlan- Windsor Ontario

Jordynn and Jasons wedding day was probably the most beautiful day in May, the weather was absolute perfection and the fresh white and green decor that made up their beautiful wedding day was fresh and sophisticated. Take a little peek and don't forget give some love by clicking the heart at the bottom!