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Victoria & Jordan- Engagement Session- Willistead Manor & Taloola Cafe -Windsor, Ontario

I had no choice in the matter, these images basically jumped off my SD card and Imported themselves! Next thing you know.... I am about half way done editing the session and I am so EXCITED! 

Introducing Victoria and Jordan! I am so so so absolutely thrilled to have them as wedding clients for 2018! These two had me laughing through the entire photoshoot! FOR REAL my cheeks hurt from all the smiling! There were a lot of "kisses from a rose", smolders, puns and all around fantastic moments! 

And if you think that I am excited now... just wait until you find out what their wedding theme is! I absolutely worshiped it as a little girl... and I am pretty sure that if you found my scrapbook wedding I planned when I was 6....this would be it!  I left a few clues in the photos below... Maybe you can GUESS what their wedding theme is?! 

Who will be the one to guess it? ...Well, Who Indeed......