Engagement Sessions are one of my favorite types of photoshoots, they you the opportunity to show your personality and relationship quirks in a carefully chosen setting. An engagement session is a fantastic way for me to get to know my clients, my clients get to know me, learn how to properly pose, get some beautiful photos for your guestbook/Save the dates and get comfortable in front of the camera; away from the pressure of their wedding day.


Look Good, Feel Good.

Feeling good is actually more important than looking good. If you feel beautiful, handsome, sexy and confident, that is going to come through in your photos! So here are a few things you can do in the weeks before your session to make sure you feel your absolute best.

Schedule an appointment to have your hair cut and/or colored one to two weeks prior to your session.

Treat yourself to a manicure the day before the shoot (I'm looking at you too, grooms!). There will be more than a few engagement ring photos. Good looking fingers and nails matter!

Speaking of engagement rings - consider getting your ring cleaned before the day before or morning of your engagement shoot. It takes just about 10 minutes. Most jewelry stores will do them for free, and it will make a difference in the photos.

Avoid eating high salt and high fat foods starting three days before your shoot. Being bloated will kill your confidence and make you feel even more uncomfortable in front of the camera.

Ladies, an engagement shoot is also the perfect time for your wedding hair and make-up trial. Give yourself a couple of hours buffer when scheduling the appointment. This way if anything runs late, you won't feel stressed or frazzled worrying about time and we won't miss some potential perfect light.

Consider the durability of your makeup; using a deep shade of lipstick that your partner ends up wearing through most of the photoshoot may not be the best option. Make sure your makeup is long lasting

If you are saving your wedding makeup trial for another event, consider hiring a professional makeup artist on the day of. Makeup artists know what looks best on camera, so trust them. I have a few makeup artists that I love working with, feel free to ask for their names.

Make sure you have a nice healthy meal before you get to your session so that you don't spend your entire photoshoot starving.


What to Wear

Most engagement sessions usually include an outfit change or two, and maybe even a few locations. So if the two of you enjoy a hike overlooking a cascading waterfall, sipping wine at a dark moody restaurant, or having a playful date in the park, your outfit choices need to reflect that. So don't let your worries get in the way of enjoying an intimate date night in front of the camera, because I am going to tell you everything that you need to know to prepare...

Coordinate- Don't match. It helps if you pick a statement piece, that you love and go from there. So if you have this beautiful blush-toned formal floral dress, your partner could wear a navy suit with a blush pocket square to compliment your dress.

Embrace Colour, Pattern and Texture. The combination of these three makes for a killer outfit. I love a silky shirt with a chunky-knit sweater and a light pair of jeans, paired with a patterned button up shirt and dark jeans for him! Once you choose a colour, try to continue that hue throughout your other sessions so that all your photos show as a collection.

Accessorize and Layer-up! a playful sun hat is an excellent accessory that works as a great prop too! An edgy leather jacket could be just what your tulle skirt needs to show off your personal flair and add interest to your photos

Get the most out of your engagement session by picking a casual and formal outfit, something that will suit the purpose of the photographs. If you plan on using your photographs for your guestbook at your very formal, and elegant, you should probably take some very formal looking photos to go with your wedding theme.

Dress for your body type. Clothing looks best if it fits properly and accentuates your assets.

Pear-Shaped: To show off your curves, focus on cinching the waist with an A-line design that flares at the bottom.Apple-Shaped: An A-line style with a gradual flow from the waist to the legs is always flattering.Busty: Scoop and sweetheart necklines offer support and open up the décolletage so the focus is on the face rather than the bust.Small Chest: Look for textured or ruched styles to create fullness in the chest area.Plus Size: Engagement photos featuring an empire waist are super flattering and emphasize the smallest portion under the bust, creating the effect of a slender silhouette from top to bottom. Happy Shopping! If you need a consult or an opinion, I am always available for advice