Aside from capturing beautiful moments to share with future generations, adoring every tiny detail that you chose to reflect your unique love story and being all around awesome?

Chances are wedding photographers (that’s me!) have been to more weddings than you will in your lifetime; they whiteness every moment and are one of the first to see what’s new and which aspects were fantastic and others that weren’t. We know it all from the very first “yes” to the final “I do”, your wedding photographer is someone you can come to with any of your dilemmas and feel relaxed knowing that this chick knows her shit and it will be handled. Here are some things I am always available to help you with…


1.     Vendors

I have met so many local vendors that I don’t even know if I can keep track of them all; but, I defiantly know the ones who left an impression and aren’t those really the only vendors you need? If you are worried about your wedding day makeup not being“flawless”… I’ve got the girl for you!  If you want a wedding videographer that will make everyone in the room cry… I’ve got those too!

Featured: Miruna Ortiz Makeup Artistry

Featured: Miruna Ortiz Makeup Artistry


2.     Wedding Day Schedule

For every wedding I shoot, I take the time to plan out a schedule for your wedding day because 1. I want the day to go as smoothly as possible for you and 2. I want to be there to capture the best moments of the day! I sit down with every bride and groom and I can tell you what time we need to put your dress on, and how long speeches are going to take. Having your wedding day schedule really helps when you are having a hard time telling your hair and makeup artists when to show up or what time you need your limo bus until. Whatever it is, I know all the in’s and out’s of your wedding timeline.


3. Handling the Chaos

I have seen it all, and part of my job is to make sure everything runs smoothly, and looks fantastic. So if I show up at the groom’s house and they have ransacked the place… I am going to do a 10 second tidy to keep your photos looking clean.  If your hair goes poof in the humidity, I am grabbing that curling iron! If your bus doesn’t show up to get you to the ceremony I am clearing my back seat for your dress and telling you to “get in!” (This is a true story by the way!)
If you rip your dress, can’t get your ring on or, your feet are in excruciating pain from your shoes; I have a kit in my car to fix ALL of that!  I come prepared and ready to take on whatever comes at me!


4. Creating “the” Photograph

A photographer knows that the best photos are the one that reflect your true personalities; so I like to take my time, get to know the couple and personally plan the perfect session for my clients. Like if my clients tell me they own a restaurant, we are absolutely going to take some photos in their restaurant, maybe catch a quick kiss in the doorway, and laughing over their favorite meal. I like to include things my clients love; such as, their pet, their past time, and their passions and obviously their love for one another. Currently, I am planning Nicole and Curt’s engagement session and we are going to a few locations around Amherstburg because that’s the town where they grew up still live! Amherstburg has a lot of small town charm, which I plan on capturing. We are going to check out a few of their favorite venues like the Wine lounge, sip on some wine and cheese… and also take some at their home with their very handsome German Shepard; Jeffrey. This is perfect for Nicole and Curt because it shows a side of them that not everyone gets to see but also, if you know them at all their session suits them to a “T”. I will share the link to their blog post once its up! I can’t wait to see what goes on their wall!


5. Being a Friend

Now this may sound a little cheesy but I can say honestly that I care so deeply for all of my Bride and Grooms, past and present. I love it when a past client of mine comes to me and tells me they are expecting, because of course we are going to do maternity and a lifestyle newborn session.  I spend a year bound to my couples through a contract, but in that year we get to know one another, celebrate, laugh and struggle together. I make it very clear to any of my clients that if they ever need anything; all they have to do is ask! I still talk to my past clients on a regular basis and I have even been lucky enough to gain some very good advice from them that has helped me in my life too!


6. Keeping your wedding plans Current

Last but not least, I like to keep you in the loop with the current wedding “standards” if you may. I can tell you all about a First Look, what an “unplugged” wedding is and how the schedule of your day should look. I can tell you some slight alterations we can make at your wedding to have even MORE fun and maybe even give you some ideas that are completely unheard of and it’s the icing on the cake; perfecting your wedding vision. I like to share helpful links, tips and tricks on my facebook page so be sure to follow me HERE:

Floral Design by House of Flower

Floral Design by House of Flower

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