I don't think I have ever smiled and laughed so much while photographing a wedding. The Bride, Groom, Bridal Party and Family were all fantastic people and made my job so easy! Let's take a minute to appreciate the cuteness of the little ring bearer, I mean honestly... those suspenders make me wanna squeeze him! 
We drove halfway around the world... (okay maybe not quite; but all over the county for sure!) to capture these photographs, it was fantastic! We had four hours to take photos before the reception so that allowed us to go to a whole bunch of locations that meant a lot to the Bride and Groom. We were taking photos at a close family friends Orchard, and then we went to the Dog Kennel where their pup; Finley, was staying for the wedding weekend on her own little vacation.
It's not very often that I share an entire wedding album with the world wide web, but I could not choose which photos I liked so I thought to myself.... "NO! I am not choosing!"  So take a little peek at the full gallery (posted below) before it expires on April 4th