Here it is... Jessika and Taylor's Wedding Sneak Peek! (Squeal!!!) 

Jessika and Taylor's Wedding day was a beautiful adventure through Windsor and Essex County! We had so much fun going from location to location taking fun new pictures at each place! By the time we reached the orchard property we were racing a very angry looking storm, so I send the newlyweds running through the orchard to capture some beautiful moments when a dog comes racing by me and joins the bride and groom as they run through the orchard! (Rue was a friend's dog who just really wanted to be a part of the fun) It was so beautiful, I was giddy with excitement and my camera was snap snap snapping away.... and just then... the Rue stopped, arched his back and POOPED! RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF THE BRIDE! Well..... I was laughing so hard that I couldn't even keep shooting. Oh goodness, makes me giggle just thinking about it. Sorry Jess and Taylor for sharing the poop story! I am saving the lovey-dovey stuff for your full wedding post ;)

But poop story aside, these two are made for each other, and their bridal party? fantastic. Every single one of them! Thank you so much for letting us capture your love story! 

P.S. The dog featured with the bride and groom in the third row is the bride and grooms precious pooch, Finnley that we made a special stop to go and visit!