Incase you have been on, mashable, petapixel or any other trending news sites, one of my photos has gone viral. I can't even believe it! I figured I would share with you the story, as it happened and give you an exclusive "interview" with yours truly. 

Last Fall, I had planned a styled engagement shoot with two of my wedding clients, Jess, Dale and their sweet pup Monty. I hired a videographer and was super pumped for my shoot with this gorgeous couple. We photographed at Malden Park in windsor, and upon my arrival, I noticed some strange shenanigans happening in the hills in the distance. I called my boyfriend and told him what was happening and he said "Oh! they are LARPing!" (which I then found out that LARPing stands for Live Action Role Playing) and I chuckled and continued setting up for my session.

Jess and Dale arrived, we took some romantic photos in a few different locations, and I found this perfect spot for some photos... I posed the couple and encouraged them to do some smooching... just then, the LARPers started walking into my shot!  Being the photographer who has had so many photographs ruined by someone in the background who isn't supposed to be... I was muttering under my breath for them to hurry up.  And then they POSED! I proceeded to capture them in the background without informing the couple but Monty wasn't fooled. We then had a good laugh and proceeded on our way. Needless to say, they definitely  did not ruin this shot. We left the session laughing with a good little story to tell our friends and family. 

Now April, my boyfriend decides to post the photo on Reddit to get some views on my website; completely underestimating the power of reddit. The LARPers have contacted me, I have been informed that they are actually SCAdians (less about fantasy and more about historical accuracy). I contacted Jess and Dale and informed them of their internet fame, they got a good kick out of it and we are waiting for Ellen to give us a call. I'm pretty sure Monty just wants to play fetch with our friendly SCAdians (who are hopefully going to make an appearance for their wedding ;) ha ha ha!) 

Huge thank's to Jess, Dale and Monty, and the clan of SCAdians! 

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