Rachael, Matt and I have done so many photoshoots together that I am amazed this is our first beach session! It was a perfect time to do it because Isabelle is old enough to be independent and I just photograph her doing what she does best, being a kid. The result is a bunch of sentimental photos of a beautiful child at play. Baby Sean looks so much like his Dad, the more he grows the more similarities I see. This session was styled by Sarah Fram at Finity. She created custom necklaces for Mom/baby Sean and even a little one for Miss isabelle! Her teething are made out the same rubber a bottle nipple is made of, and shaped to soothe poor baby's sore gums. I highly recommend checking out her amazing products here.

As always, it has been a pleasure working with the Gagne Family and Finity Handmade. Love you both!