It's not very often that the photographer gets the opportunity to be in front of the camera. So for my birthday this year, I decided I wanted some professional photos taken of my boyfriend and I. And who better to ask then my second shooter and cousin, Ryan Scott. Ryan and I have shot over a dozen weddings together and we make a great team. He is always quick to crack a joke, enjoys a good laugh and we have a mutual love for thin crust pizza.  He is very technical and I am very creative and our two minds together create amazing imagery. Ryan enjoys taking photographs of nature, his portfolio is made up of amazing landscapes and macro images from all of his travels. His work can be found here.  I thought I would share some (Ok, a good CHUNK because I love them all) of our images with you all so that you get to know a little about me, my awesome second shooter and how we work together.


I have tried for a year to get a nice picture of my boyfriend and I, but I have "a photographers boyfriend", much like a photographer's child who wont sit still for a picture, he is the same. Every single picture we have together is him frowning or making some other silly face. But there are so many moments where I think to myself.... man, I wish a photographer would walk into the room right now and take a picture of how cute we are; its usually when we are dancing, or walking down the street holding hands, sometimes its just the way he looks at me. Ryan managed to capture  us perfectly, always singing and dancing around the house, laughing, being silly but always supporting each other. These photos are going to mean a million times more to us in 5 years when our lives have changed entirely and we are looking back at "the good ol' days" ,even though it took a lot of bribery (pizza!) I know that these photos are going to get better with age. Thank you Ryan for capturing us perfectly.