When Savannah approached me for a Senior photoshoot I was thrilled! She was graduating from my old high school and moving on to amazing new things. She told me she had a vintage suit case and vintage camera collection that she would like to incorporate and my heart fluttered; I knew that we were matched in the stars. She worked my flower crown collection like a true model, and we had a riot doing it (despite all of the mosquitoes). Savannah even gave me a keepsake from our session, my very own Polaroid portrait of myself in my natural stance; behind a camera (You can check out the picture she took of me on my About Me Page). Not only was this photoshoot full of vintage beauty, flower crowns and wild spirits... it was also full of nostalgia for me. I had such a wonderful time with you Savannah, I know that your future is bright, follow your heart and shoot for the stars.