I had been anticipating Rachelle & Kyle's Wedding all summer long, but nothing could have prepared me for the creative, fun, loving, day that they had planned. Every event was customized to suit the couple's unique qualities. Their wedding decor was adorable DIY with allusions to their family farm, their love for Narnia, and showcased their personalities and talents perfectly. I quickly fell in love with their handpicked bouquets filled with vibrant color, vintage Narnia characters replacing table numbers ( I am pretty sure we sat at the Trufflehunters table?) , and pie as far as you can see (I had 3 different kinds.... don't judge!). There was no holding back emotions when Kyle surprised his bride with a reading of a poem during the ceremony that listed a variety of flowers... Kyle arranged for different audience members to bring the flowers to his beautiful bride one by one as they stood by the alter (I confess... I was bawling my eyes out behind that camera, I am a sucker for romance). And then.... if that wasn't enough, their wedding party released balloons into the sky as they had their first kiss, there was lawn Jenga, fireworks and THE BRIDE AND GROOM BROKE OUT THE BANJO AND PREFORMED FOR THEIR GUESTS! LIKE COME ON!? IS THIS REAL LIFE!?!  Needless to say, their wedding day was astonishing and I enjoyed every single minute of it! (OH and you fed us at the beginning of dinner so we actually got to eat so you get bonus points for that!) Congrats you two, I couldn't be happier for you.