He Proposed! - My Proposal Story

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He Proposed! - My Proposal Story

If you have had a conversation with me in the past three years, it has probably come up that I have been waiting for a ring…. and waiting… and then a little more waiting… but on August 6th 2019 Ryan FINALLY PROPOSED! (I feel like there should be an orchestra and a lot of cheering, confetti flying, bottles popping… lol). Everyone said “oh, just be patient… it will come in time” “it will happen when you’re least expecting it” but here’s the thing… we have been together for five years, we have lived together for 3.5 of those years and we have owned a house together for two of them…. it’s been time for a while and being patient and not thinking about it simply isn’t an option when your job is WEDDINGS. So ladies, if you are one of the ones waiting for a ring like I have been for years; don’t give up! In all honesty, I knew that Ryan was the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with from very early in our relationship… and if I wanted to commit to spending Forever with someone, I can do that with, and without a ring on my finger.

Okay, let’s get to the good stuff!

On Tuesday the 6th I had a plan to spend the day shopping for bridesmaid dresses for my friend Elayna’s wedding, we had all the appointments lined up and we were going to go to three different bridal salons in one day, and that evening Ryan and I had purchased Hozier Concert Tickets (one of our favourite musicians) and planned on going to Acapulco Delight for some cheese chimichangas prior to that . In the days leading up to that day, he must have asked me ten times what time I would be coming home, and stressed the schedule, telling me we needed to leave for dinner early so that we could get to the casino on time, and beat the line. This didn’t raise any suspicion on my part until he told me that he was going to try and get out of work early and he was going to wake up at 2:30pm to go to an 8pm concert (Ryan works midnights and doesn’t usually wake up until 6pm or so). So when I walked in the door at 4:10pm to see that Ryan was all dressed and showered I was quite surprised. Ryan proceeded to follow me around the house while I did my nails, hair and makeup. Then; just as I finished putting my shoes on, he called me over and said “I have something else that I thought you would want to wear tonight” and then he pulled out my dream ring, used my full name, and asked me to be his wife. I (of course) cried and said yes, even though I REALLY wanted to say “Meh… I’ll think about it” just so that I could make him wait in anticipation like I had to! haha

After it happened I was in shock, but I knew I had to call my best friend Stephanie, I had 5% battery life and it was JUST enough to make one phone call on the way to Acapulco. The one thing that Ryan didn’t do was make a video or take photos! What the heck!? I have umpteen photographer/ videographer friends and he could have set a phone up in a corner… but NOPE. So at the restaurant I had Kevin (yes, I know the waiter by name, we are regulars) to take a photo of the two of us. I joked around and told ryan he should have proposed in a Chimichanga because that would have been a great story to tell, but I appreciate that we were able to have a private moment in our house together. It was also kind of nice to have no cellphone, so I wasn’t even tempted to post on social media or spill the news until the following day. Instead, we enjoyed the night together as FIANCE’S!

Huge Thankyou to the very talented Nik Veigli for taking some fresh engagement photos of us that wasn’t on a cell phone because I just was. not. having it. lol


More of these lovelies to come ;)

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Andrea & Patrick's Wedding- The Waters Edge


Andrea & Patrick's Wedding- The Waters Edge

Andrea & Patrick are stylish, sophisticated people and every detail of their wedding day was exemplary of their style. Andrea’s bridesmaids dresses are absolute perfection, that gradient is top notch! Their wedding ceremony and reception at Waters Edge Event Center was adorned with some beautiful and simple eucalyptus leaves, and on our plates was some truly divine courses. It’s hard for me to say which part of their day I enjoyed more, the “First Look without the Look” (named by me) where they held hands and spoke to one another on either side of a column, and enjoyed a moment together before they committed to forever OR their beloved dog Ollie, and Dog of Honour signing their wedding license, because he really is the Best Boy ( like LOOK at his face!) What’s your favorite?

If you want to see more of this beautiful day, I highly suggest you take a peek at their wedding video from Stenlund Videography.

Wedding Video by Stenlund Videography


Photography: Alexandria Photography

Second Shooter: Heather Brooks

Videography: Tyler Stenlund from Stunlund Videography

Venue: Waters Edge Event Center

Decor: The Crafty Nest Studio


You're Engaged! Your next steps


You're Engaged! Your next steps

Now what?! Let's get planning your wedding day vision! I strive to be as involved as my clients like me to me. Having trouble finding other vendors? I can refer you! Need help planning your schedule for the day? I'm here to walk you through it! We're in this together. I am basically another bridesmaid so anything that you need on your wedding day (or before) just let me know! I am always happy to help!


Making a Wedding Day Timeline


Making a Wedding Day Timeline

I can make wedding timelines in my sleep, but asking someone who has never been married before to make a timeline of how they HOPE everything will play out is just cruel. So even though I am here to make a wedding timeline FOR you, here is a guide to help you get started with your wedding day, and a PDF below that has all the info someone could need about your wedding day!


Ask Yourself

How many hours does your photography package cover? what do you want photographed?

What time is sunset?

How long will hair and makeup take for the number of girls getting ready?

How long is your ceremony?

How much of your family do you want included in your family photos?

Are you doing a First Look?

Are you doing First Dances and/or Parent Dances?

Are you going to toss your bouquet? cut the cake? shoe game? garter toss?


Wedding Day Timeline

Now, not every wedding is going to follow this timeline. If you are doing a First look the order of events will need to be rearranged. Every wedding is different! The good news is, a good wedding photographer will sit with you and work out all these little details ( Like I do! ;) ) but if you want to get a head start, here is a guide to help you along the way!

Time Guide lines start with the ceremony time and work backwards from there. Add and Subtract the number of minutes/hours to give you a start and end time for your wedding day!

*Bride & Maid of Honour and Mother of the Bride are Priority when getting Hair and Makeup done. Make sure their beauty services are scheduled to be finished well before the photographer arrives.

11:30 Photographer Arrives - 1.5-2.5 hours before departure time

-30 minutes for detail photos- flowers, jewellery, shoes etc

-45 minutes to put the wedding gown and attire on and take photos

-20 minutes for photos with parents, bridesmaids, etc

1:30 Depart for Ceremony- Travel time - 15 extra minutes for wiggle room

2:00-2:30 Ceremony Time + Ceremony Duration (+30 minutes)

2:30-3:00- Family Photos + 30 minutes

3:00-5:00- Wedding Party/ Bride and Groom Formals on Location(s) + Travel Time TO and FROM locations

5:15 - Entrance , First Dances, Welcome Speech/Grace +45 minutes

6:00- Dinner is served + 2 hours at least (not including dessert or extra courses)

8:00- More dances, Games/Traditions +1 hour

9:00- End of the night Photo / Photographers conclude Services


Keep everyone on the same page by downloading the PDF below. Includes: Day of Timeline, Bridal Party Lists, Contact information for Vendors and Emergency Contacts I hope this is enough to get you started! If you need some help, or are too stressed to function, don't worry I've got you covered! Just send me an email at alexphoto@live.com and we will get this all settled!